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ingela henningsen
Häusserstraße 44
69115 Heidelberg

Phone: 06 22 1 / 18 15 87
Fax: 06 22 1 / 60 37 48

Map of Area

Stops for streetcar and nearby
Suburban Train Station.

Parking in front of the
Therapy Center.
Hand Therapy and Physical Therapy, Ingela Henningsen

Center for Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy
Ingela Henningsen


The physical therapist evaluates the patient`s physical impairments such as strength,balance and coordination and creates an individualized treatment program that will maximize mobility and facilitate an active return to the community.

Each physical therapy program is innovative and outcome-oriented with the patient`s goals as the central focus.

Physical therapy can be provided for impairments caused by
a variety of conditions including, but not limited to:

Sports Injuries Soft Tissue and Crush Injuries
Work Related Injuries Replantations
Repetitive Strain Injury Arthritis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Joint Replacements
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Burns
Tendonitis and Sprains Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/RSD
Traumatic Injuries Dupuytrens Disease
Fractures of the Hand and the Arm Congental Disorders
Rotator Cuff Injuries Acute and chronic musculoskeletal
Tendon and Nerve Repair Injuries and Conditions ...

Treatment Modalities

Physical Agents

Hand Therapy Various Heats and Ice
Manual Therapy Ultrasound
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Physio-Taping
Cranio-Sacral Therapy Massage Therapy ...
Scoliosis Therapy ...

Hand Therapy

Our team consists of Therapists with advanced education and training.
Using the latest techniques, we provide one-on-one therapy, specializing in the treatment of the hand and the upper extremity.
Treatment focuses on helping patients regain maximum use of the hand and upper extremity after injury, surgery, or the onset of disease.

Our services include

Examination and patient education regarding:

Joint protection /precautions
Symptom management
Task modification
Wound care
Range of motion and strengthening exercises
Scar management
Edema control
Sensory re-education
Use of physical agent modalities
Fabrication of custom splints for the purpose of Protection or rest of soft tissues Support of weak or absent musculature Correction of joint stiffness/increase of range of motion
Conditioning exercises for return to work
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